With a Humble Heart We Ask the Lord...

  • ****Updated 4/15/10****

  • For our children as they come to the end of another school year.. that they may not lose their motivation to succeed in their studies!

  • for our Church... that the mistakes of her past may continue to be corrected and learned from and that all measures may continue be taken to prevent further damage to the good work that our Church does throughout the world.

  • -for healing and comfort for the Barrett family as they continue to mourn the loss of dear Ryan

  • for success and security for Dan in his job

  • - For protection for the unborn

  • - for health of mind and body for a particular family member in my heart

  • -to guide the leadership of our country with Your wisdom and love.

  • - for all those struggling due to the problems with our nation's economy

  • -for couples struggling with infertility... that God blesses them with the babies they long for... and for the Grace they need to accept His will , whatever it may be.

  • -for all those recovering from any type of addiction... the they may be healed by the love of God and family

  • -for the health and safety of our six children... that God keeps them in His loving care and guides them in all their decisions as they grow to maturity.

  • -for a strengthening of the marriage vocation, especially my own

  • -for safety for all of our Armed forces


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August 18, 2009



This is so beautiful, my prayers continue for teh Barretts.

Paula in MN

What a beautiful and touching moment. Thank you for sharing.


Thank you for sharing. That was beautiful.

Jennifer in TX

What a beautiful moment! Thank you for sharing! Our prayers continue for the Barrett's and all who love them.

Jennifer Gregory Miller

Oh, that is just so beautiful! Crying tears of joy. Prayers continuing.


crying some more...

just beautiful, thanks for sharing.


The beauty of this tragic story knows know bounds. I am in awe, and even without ever having met this child, am so grateful to have "known" him. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story. And thanks be to God for sharing with us such a wonderful, much-too-short life.


This is so beautiful. Our Lord is amazing! What a gift to his family. Thank you for sharing this.


That is an absolutely beautiful gesture. Thank you for sharing.

Jenny L.

This had me in tears. Beautiful.

Account Deleted

Absolutely incredible, God is so Good!!


I was referred to this post by Jessica Gordon at Shower of Roses. Very beautiful story and thank you for sharing. I was just beginning to become familiar with Mary Ellen's work and the family. They have touched my heart tremendously. I want to do something special for them in relation to vocations and my Catholic lapbooks and am trying to find someone who knows them so I can determine the best way to set it up. Can you please contact me. Lindy Meyer questions@lapbooksforcatholics.com

Maria P

So very beautiful. We continue to pray for this dear, dear family....please give them our love!

Jennifer Mackintosh

Oh, that is such a consoling story amidst the heartache! Thank you for sharing it with all of us!


Oh goodness, that's so lovely.
I don't think I've ever thought about, cried over and prayed more fervently for any family that I've never actually met as much as I have this one.
I'm crying again now.
God be very close to them.

Karen Edmisten

How very beautiful.

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With a Grateful Heart We Thank the Lord

  • ****Updated 4/15/10****
  • For the birth of my newest great-niece, Jordyn.
  • -for the sacrament of confession and the grace it showers on us
  • -for the blessing of good and true friends
  • -for the beauty and truth of our beloved Catholic Church
  • -for the love of our extended family, and our parents who instilled in both of us the importance of the family bonds
  • -for our six wonderful blessings... Katie, Jessica, Ben, Rebecca, Thomas and Hannah, who add so much joy to our days
  • -for my husband, who provides,leads, instructs, guides and leads our family on our path to Heaven

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